What to look for when buying a cell phone

Pay attention to the display, one that is bright. If you will be using your phone for texting, browsing the internet, choose display ranging from 5 to 5.5 inches. HD or full HD resolution is preferable.





Company reputation


Does it have a large battery? Do not need regular charging. Some smartphone include a special charger that cans half charge in just minutes.

Check out how long it takes to be fully charge. You want a battery that will last the whole day with normal use.

Powerful batteries

There are some phones batteries reaches 48 hours without flinching. It has a system that detects and manage power hunger app to improve resources management.

Choose the phone that carries a 4,000 mAh battery because in 30 minutes you can go from 0 to 58%.

Fully Charge battery

When this battery is fully charge it last up to two and a half days with average use. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro carries that battery. I have a Huawei and I cannot complain for the battery life.

Qualcomm quick charge battery

Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology is designed to deliver lightning-fast charging in phones and smart devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms and processors, giving you the power—and the time—to do more.

It charges 4 X faster than conventional charging.


Cheaper phones do not have much storage space. Therefore you should buy a phone that has at least 64 GB of storage. Since apps are becoming bigger and can store your pictures.

Remember pictures takes up a lot of space on your phone. Storing them in the cloud is helpful.

Another place for storage is on a Micro SD card allowing you to boost the storage space.

Files are store in the cloud instead of on your hard drive, flash drive or external hard drive. The files will be stored online. In short try to use your cloud storage as much as possible.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is sold with some smartphone which make it free of charge.

All of your files are store in the cloud instead of on your hard drive, flash drive and an external hard drive. Your files will be store online. In short try to use your cloud storage as much as possible it will save space on your phone.


If you are not interest in taking pictures, I would advise you to go for a budget cell phone. But if taking picture is important you will have to go for the more expensive smart phone. Example Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X.

Picture taking

There is an additional to the smart phone which is the pixel smart phone. It can take a series of photos within minutes. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL are one of the best Android smartphone. They have taken the number one spot in this category.

Unlocked phone, Carrier or Universal

Carrier phone you have to choose the phone that they carry.

Unlocked phone you have a wide variety of devices to choose from it is not tied to any specific carrier.

Universal model is not tied to any specific Network

Phone maker Versus Carrier

You can buy your phone from a phone maker for example: Apple.

If you try to purchase the same phone from a carrier the price is the same but your choice is limited.

Phone maker

The big advantage of buying a phone from a phone maker is having access to a larger variety of phone models.

Phone makers offer promotional credits plans to cover the price of your phone.

The disadvantage is…with the phone maker obviously you will be using your credit card. There will be interest added monthly which you will be paying along paying for your phone.


Some carrier has only a limited amount of phone models.

The advantage with carrier is you can pay your phone in a twenty four (24) month period.

Some major carrier offer promotional credit with 0% interest.

Final Advice

There is no financial advantage to buying from a carrier or phone maker locked or unlocked.

Just remember buying from a carrier everything is done all at once.

Buying from a phone maker means that you have more say in the variety of phone selection.