Old Cell Phone Versus The New

Old Phone versus the New Technology Cell Phones of Today

Choosing a new phone is not as easy as a few decades back. Calls and text messages were use in the older days. Smart phones have replaced ancient phones and they are a pleasure to have.

Majority of the people wants to have the latest version of smartphone with numerous built-in apps.  Hand phones were only introduced nearly 45 years ago. Today it seems impossible to live without a cell phone as it has become an important part of our life.

Since the introduction of a hand phone, there have been a lot of improvements in it. Here in this blog, I will highlight the key differences between old phones and new technology cell phones of today.

Cell phones has increase the memory because of all the additional features. Storing a huge list of contact numbers and text message was not possible. With the evolution of high-tech cell phones, more storage has been offered to store music and pictures. MicroSD cards are also provided with smartphones to offer more storage space. Now the users can store a lot of videos, music, apps, contacts, and photos.

Internet connections….Today, we don’t bother our cell phone internet connection and take it for granted. In ancient times, there was no internet connection in the cell phones and the only way to use the internet was through a personal computer.

Plenty of apps….When cell phones were initially launched, they were just viewed as a mode of communication. Conversely, the smartphones of the present day are not only used for communication but also provide a lot of entertainment stuff.

New Technology….Plenty of apps are available in the new technology cell phone, which is a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. Even you can find many apps related to lifestyle and education. With the early phones, you could not listen to your favorite music or TV show. Even the video calling feature was not available.

Camera phones were launched in 2000 and since then, there has been a lot of enhancement in this feature. Today, smartphones come with high definition cameras that allow you to capture high-quality pictures as well as videos. Now you can also take your own picture with the front-facing camera and instantly share it on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Camera Phone….We all know that cell is a necessity. New features are always added to cell phones regularly. One example is the camera phone. Cameras phones are helpful to journalist because they can take instant pictures. The camera phone was used by corporate in conference meeting.

Added Feature….Phone that added this new feature doesn’t mean that all will give you a good quality picture. Therefore before buying a camera phone take in consideration the high resolution, zoom options and also red eye reduction. So therefore it depends on the type of camera phone you purchase.

Purchase… Keep in mind that the camera phone is more expensive. Remember sending pictures to your family and friends can be expensive therefore you should talk to your carrier.

Games….Old cell phones could only hold up to one or two games. You can play several games on your cell phones. Because there are numerous games in the Google Play Store and App Store. You can easily download any of your favorite game either free of cost or by paying a minimal sum of money.

Final VerdictBe aware of the differences between old and new phones. It can be concluded that new technology cell phones are far better than ancient cell phones. Smart phones not only provide means of communication but also a good source of entertainment.