Introduction to Cell Phone

It will come a time that you eventually will have to purchase a cell phone. In this present age it has become essential to own a cell phone. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that you should own a cell phone.

Since they took away a majority of phone booths you are force to walk a distance to find one. That is when the cell phone became very handy.

Old Cell Phone

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and I can remember that there were pay phones all along the streets, in malls, hospitals and so many other places. Where did the pay phones disappear? I could remember that you could insert 25 cents and make a call but I think that those days are coming to a close.

Now this is where the cellular phones comes in handy you do not have to search for nickels and dimes to make a call, a cell phone is right in the palm of your hand.

Short Story

A short story about me and my midnight trip on way to my home from a business meeting and I got lost because I was in unknown territory.

I pull over at the side of the road where there was phone booth and there were a couple of weird people hanging around waiting for handouts.

I was so happy that I had my cell phone that I call my friend to ask for directions out of that area, could you imagine if I walking over there with coins in my hands to make a call in that environment.

Pager Days

Years ago before cell phone there was the pagers that only carries numbers. They was used just to notify you of calls. it was just a clip on to store numbers where you will have to search for a phone to get in touch with the caller.

When cell phone came available it was mostly use by executive and business personals and they were big and clumsy and could not be place in your pocket.

Martin Cooper

In 1973 Martin Cooper who was working for Motorola made his first cell phone call using a portable handset and the first two cities were Chicago and Tokyo.

In 1979 the cell phone was given to a limited amount of people for testing. The cell phone has advance so much and in my next  article I will disclose what they are.