Choosing your cell phone

Phone of your choice…. Consider looking at the device and factors. It should support 4G connectivity. There are so many different features and factors. Using this single feature will benefit you in many ways. What this guide is focusing on is the 4G device with the key feature in choosing the best device for you or for a friend.

Why am I choosing the 4G device?

There are so many reasons why you should choose a device that support 4G networks.

High speed data is accessible….Choosing this device you will benefit in the long run. On your smart phone you have access to high speed. You can play games, stream video and also most popular is listening to music is popular with teens and mature adults. Using it for office work and any other professional task is a breeze.

Voice calls are noiseless….A big advantage of choosing the 4G is because of noise free calls. Although the 2 G and 3G have noise free calls it cannot beat the 4G.

Fast sending of email and photos.…Sending email or sharing photos with the friends on social network, using 4G smart phone you can see the speed difference. It is instantly done.

Choosing your phone.…Although I write a lot on the 4G you should consider other features and choose the right device that suits you.

The features to look for

Storage….With a 32GB ROM it gives enough space for expansion storage.

Ram.…For smooth operation without any lag the 3GB is perfect for multitasking.

Display….For high picture quality and working space a large FHD screen is best.

CPU.… Look for the latest Octa Core that gives smooth and quick functioning.

Battery.…Make sure that you choose a phone with a powerful battery because. First of all you have to consider the additional hours of talking time.

Taking care of your battery.…Although you might choose a cell phone with a powerful battery you have to take care of it. Here are some tips:

Do not store batteries above 60 deg Celsius.

Your batteries should not be stored in a moist place.

To increase your battery life considerably store in a cool place.

Battery has approximately approximately 5 years of shelf life.


Fingerprint is a new technology that was added to the mobile phone. It unique feature which quickly recognizing your fingerprint. With this device it takes a fraction of a second to identify and unlock. As results it will be difficult to get access to your phone data.

Final advice.…Make sure that you choose a smart phone that comes with 4G. My advice is getting a phone with all the above features. Do not buy a phone because of the price. You should take the above suggestions serious. Do not hesitate to have your priority in focus and not choose features that you are not going to use.