Cell Phone Knowledge

    Choosing your cell phone

     I have a quick guide on choosing your cell phone.

      You have to ask yourself these questions.      

  • Do you want a phone that you can be held in one hand?
  • Are you looking for long battery life?
  • Are you going to be taking plenty picture?
  • Do you need a lot of storage for music or picture?
  • Do you frequently travel and would like a dual Sim phone?
  • What are your needs for the phone?
  • Do you need a phone with a large screen?

Have you decided to purchase a smart or an iPhone? I will explain the difference below.

Smart Phone comes with two operating systems which is Android and IOS.

Android and IOS are widely supported by a wide variety of apps and games. One thing about these two you can switch from Android to IOS or from iPhone to Android easily. After reading the above seven things to look for on buying a cell phone and decided on a smart phone I think that is a good chose and I am sure that they will run Google Android or Apple IOS.

Buying outright versus Contract

Here are some facts about buying outright versus contract. Have you ever heard about subsidizing price, it is referring to a contract price? Some people try to compare the price of buying a phone outright and looking at a contract price which is very attractive but be aware that there is a catch.

The contract price for a phone is lower because you have to sign a contract for two or three years and those years that you are paying monthly goes towards paying for the phone. Here is an example: a phone that was offered to you for $230.00 with a contract for two to three years instead of paying $540.00 outright seems very attractive.

Do you know that you are paying for the balance of the phone including tax which means that you can end up paying over the $540.00? If at any time you will like to cancel the contract there is a penalty that you will have to pay which you have no control. Remember quality beat quantity.

I understand if you are budget conscious be careful of your choose of phone because some manufacturers deliberately optimized to run on low-end hardware which leave you  changing your phone more often than necessary. Android is the winner because it leads the field in free apps and it helps budget conscious customers.


Some manufacturer are offering you charger which you have to pay for but what type of battery are you charging. Android wins again because the charger is provided in the box with the phone.

Here are two batteries that I highly recommend……

I will be researching on other types of batteries but these are the two batteries that worth buying.

Power Bear Samsung Galaxy4 Battery(6000 mAh) it have up to 2.3X Extra battery power and a higher capacity battery with up to 230% higher than the standard battery.

Power Bear Samsung5 Extended battery (7800mAh) 24 months warranty and screen protector included. It is a larger and stronger battery.