Blog About me

I purchased my first cell phone in the nineties when they first hit the market. In those days the cellphone was so large that it was impossible to carry in your hand bag and it could only be use for making calls.

Do not forget the pagers came before the cell phone which I never purchase which I find was very unnecessary because you still have to get to a phone to call the person who contacted you.

I could recall my sisters asking me why I purchased a cell phone because cell phone at that time was only carry by executives. I have to disagree with that.

One night after midnight I was lost on a unfamiliar road where there was phone booth but it was not safe to exist your car to make a phone call but Luck was in my favore because I happen to be carrying my big heavy cell phone and I was able to call a friend to give me direction on getting back on the right path.

You cannot say that today that you do not need a cell phone because some children even before they can speak clearly they are given a cell phone. Is that a wise thing to do?

Today you have to get yourself a cell phone because if you look around for a pay phone booth they are not as available as before where you could find a pay phone booth at every corner and also in malls.

I had LG, Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic and plenty others brands name and each one work differently. Some of them the battery goes fast and have to be replaced, the on button was projected and can be easily accidently turn on, you had to purchase your phone because it did not come with a package.

Today you have such a variety with brands, packages, phone size, choose the length of time for your contract, warranties and also which company you choose to have a contract with.

There are so much competition between companies and each one is trying to out beat the other by sweetening their deals and be aware some of them have that fine print that some buyers ignore and find out later that what was told to them verbally is not the same that is written on the declaimer.

So much addition was added to the cell phone: example you can take pictures, text, take video, communicate through video and see the person that you are speaking to, international calls can be made without paying, phone tracers, stolen phones can be lock to prevent the thief from using it and there are so many addition that today phone have it is too numerous to mention all.

So my last advise it not to listen to friends that say you do not need a cell phone and I must encourage you to purchase one because it will come in good use at the right time. If you are not sure which one to buy for a first phone my advice is to buy a simple and reasonable phone until you understand how to utilize all the gadgets that the other expensive phones are carrying.

Good Luck